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Main window

PCRBOX - PCR Automation

  • Quit Button :

    Close all open interfaces and possibly exit. If in an open interfaces, a log is being recorded, then a warning will be presented to confirm the exit. In the case of an output "forced", it is likely that the current log will lose the data in their buffeur.

  • Local Connexion Button :

    This button has the same function as the local connection of the menu.

  • Always On Top Button :

    Keeps the window in the foreground.
    One click activates, the background turns green. Another click disables it, the background becomes gray.

  • PCRBOX Logo :

    Opening the expected default browser on the computer and access to the website Pcrbox.

Menu of the main window :

PCRBOX - PCR Automation

Connections :

  • Local

    A window appears in which it is possible, but not required, to indicate a serial number card.
    If the number is left blank, the first found local card is connected, otherwise the card serial number can connect if it is, of course, connected.

  • Network

    A window appears in which four fields can be entered:

    • Internet address (required) :

      This address can be either an IP number, a URL (without http:// to the front).

    • Card number (optional) :

      Indicate the serial number of the card.
      This is particularly interesting when the card is connected to a USB card SBC, if the attempt is made on the SBC board.

    • Port number (required) :

      Enter the Port number to use when the Internet connection (SBC cards use port 5001 by default).

    • Password (optional) :

      If a password is provided in the remote configuration of the card, then it must be entered here.

  • Simuled

    Simulated interface opens immediately. It is possible to open multiple interfaces simulated simultaneously.
    The name of the simulated interface is automatically generated and incremented with each new opening.
    The configuration is always set on <Simulation> but it is possible to load another one that will remain valid until the end of the session.
    The buttons labeled EL2 - EL7 to activate the corresponding entries.
    Analog values ??serving as an example will change automatically in a pseudo random.

  • Manage the list

    With each new connection list is completed. This list is found at the end of the Connection menu .
    See the  Connections List.

  • Serial Number Card

    A list of serial numbers included in the list of cards is presented following in order to make a fast connection to the interface by taking into account any parameters assigned to this card .

Log :  

See the log(s) to open one or more existing logs and view them in the window log normal.

Tools :  

  1. General Configuration

    The settings in this window are reflected in the entire application .
    See the General Configuration.

  2. Sensor Management

    Opening a new window to view, create, edit or remove the sensors.
    The sensor system can not be removed
    See the  Sensor Management.

  3. Concatenating XML

    This utility allows to gather several log files into one.
    In the window that opens, just select the desired files by holding down the Control (Ctrl) key and click the Open button

  4. Conversion Log

    This feature allows you to select multiple log files.
    To integration of the average value of each analog input and counting function of time.
    To create an output file that shows hourly calculated values.
    The result does not reflect the values ??that correspond to incomplete hours.
    Example calculation: If an hour there are a temperature of 10 ° for 20 minutes and 13 ° for 40 minutes, the average value of the hours will be 12 °.
    By this method, we obtain an exact calculation, not a vague approximation !

Windows :    

When interfaces are open, their names are listed here.
When selecting a list item, the window of the interface is chosen

? :

  1. Full unlimited version

    Shows the window to purchase the unlimited version of this application .
    See Full unlimited version.

  2. Help/F1

    This help file .

  3. Phidget version

    Indicates the date of Phidgets library version that is in use (Phidgets.dll files).

  4. About

    This version number of this application and the copyright .

Connections List :

PCRBOX - PCR Automation

Accessible from the main window , on the menu Connections -> Manage the list.

When a new card is detected, a line is added automatically in this list.
It is also possible to create one without the card is connected, using the Create button.
Each field is editable, just click once to select the field that you want change, then a second time to enter the modification (editing). Attention, it's not a double click but to two clicks separated.
Once the desired changes made, click the Record button.
When one field is changed, we must validate it by clicking on another field so that the Record button is no longer grayed out.
The Delete button to delete the line that is selected (the one with a black triangle in the left margin).
When the local field is checked, the following three fields are ineffective

General Configuration :

PCRBOX - PCR Automation

Accessible from the main window, on the menu Tools -> General Configuration.

This feature allows you to send the log files by e-mail attachment.
The three fields From Address, Address To and Smtp server must be filled to use this feature.
Note that some ISPs require that the sender address belongs to his estate to agree to send the message.
The button Send a test message, you can check your settings by making immediate shipment.
To activate, you must check the box Active message sending.
When using a remote computer to take measurements, it may be necessary periodically to ensure the smooth running of it. It is the role of the periodic test messages box and the field period (in minutes) that can receive, depending on the period chosen, a test message that attests to the proper functioning of the system.
In the Log File tab, you can set the maximum size for the file. Once this size is reached, a new file is created. If the box Active message sending is checked, then the file is sent by e-mail.
When passing at midnight, a new file is automatically created and the former eventually sent.

Managing Sensors :

PCRBOX - PCR Automation 

Accessible from the main window, on the menu Tools -> Managing Sensors.

This window allows you to manage the entire base of the sensors.
The sensor systems, indicated by the box system, can not be deleted.
In this version, only the analog sensors (EA) can be modified.
It is possible to create its own sensors or even by setting the parameters of the function Y = AX + B< /SPAN >

Full unlimited version :

PCRBOX - PCR Automation

Accessible from the main window, on the menu Tools -> Full unlimited version.

This window provides access to the site PCRBOX order to purchase the unlimited version of this application.
Only the Email field is required to access the site by the Buy the unlimited version button.
Once payment is made, an activation key is sent by e-mail. This key must be entered here in the field provided for this purpose

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