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Advice and support

Oh, if you work in a large group, any problem computer, you pick up the phone and you would ask the IT manager. But here, at home, no CIO !

While several options are available :

  • You hire a CIO (er. .. finally not)
  • When a problem, you are looking for an external (again ! and fall on that ?).
  • Full of courage, you take the "whole hand" (quote, invoice, pub ... oh la la, it's long !.
  • You hires a "little bit of CIO" (a little bit of time).

Ah yes, a little bit, but what's the difference ?!

  • Is entitled to a speaker who knows you unique.
  • Is the assurance of having someone who "rolls" for you.
  • It is available as a full-time despite the cost out of proportion.
  • Afford to have an informed opinion on tenders and / or external service providers and defending your interests.

The difference is also that we cover almost all IT services. It's always more comfortable, for a customer, to have a general view rather than having to assemble the puzzle itself !

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The simplicity in the service of efficiency !