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Development and programming

In his work, which was not told at least once: "Ha, if this program could only get out the results as I would like them to be !"

So what are the solutions ?

  • Redo everything from scratch ? Sometimes it's useful, but often expensive !
  • It is also often possible to use the present results and with the help of a small specialized program to produce results as desired.

The important thing is to understand what is being done to keep control of his computer.

Solutions "turnkey" is good, but when the key does not work, then we must change everything !

The leading software businesses have neither the time nor the appropriate structure, partly because of their cost, to meet these requirements with little benefit in terms of efficiency are important.

So you, the Artisans, merchants, small and micro businesses, please tell us about your needs improvement, modification, extension of your computer systems. We're listening.

The simplicity in the service of efficiency, it also allows lower cost !

Windows applications

The potential applications for Windows can be very extensive.

It can be autonomous and complete a specific service. It can also rely on the file from another program to reuse the data from it to achieve a new treatment.

It is also possible to manage communications, schedules, information systems...

It can operate only on a single computer, or a small corporate network, or else use the Internet.

Your imagination is the only limit to their possibilities !

Languages used :

  • Microsoft Visual Studio. NET - VB
  • VBA (VB sous Excel, Word...)
  • Visual Foxpro
  • HTML (Web client side)
  • Javascript (Web coté client)
  • CSS (Web client side)
  • PHP (Web server side)
  • MySQL (Web server side)
  • .htaccess (Apache)
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The simplicity in the service of efficiency !